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To the ones looking to feel beautiful and at peace - this is for you.

Result-driven skin care for sensitive souls

Take everything you think you know about facials and let me show you a better way. We’re talking rethinking how we approach your skin care, protecting and nourishing your energy, and how energy-minded facials can be life-giving - not just for your skin, but also for your soul.

Because you’re looking for more than a run-off-the-mill facial. You’re looking for a skin care experience that leaves you glowing, from the inside out.

That’s exactly why I’m here.

Beautiful skin is about more than what the eye can see.

I'm here to bring you a skin care experience that makes you feel beautiful and at peace.


Skinpen microneedling - Skinpen is the only FDA approved microneeding device on the market. This treatment uses small sterile needles to cause micro punctures in the skin which in return stimulates collagen at a rapid rate. Skinpen treats fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage, discoloration and more. With minimal down time this is the perfect treatment for any skin types and skin colors. Consultation required before booking.
Online Consultation - 30 min - We'll assess your current skin care routine and come up with a home care plan that's easy to follow. You'll leave knowing exactly what products are best for your skin type. You'll learn what you can start doing today to better your skin - working with what tools you already have at home.

Online Consult


Reiki - 1/2 hour or 1 hour - Offers healing of the mind, body and spirit. Channeling universal life force energy I help clear any blockages, pain, or emotions trapped within the chakra system and body as a whole. Consultation/phone consult must be booked before securing this service. 

Skinpen Microneedling

Glass Facial - 1 and 1/2 hours - My glass facial starts with a dermaplaning treatment and then works by delivering high pressure oxygen to wake up tired skin cells. This oxygen helps to increase cell turnover. which in turn boosts collagen production. Oxygen also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce the appearance of acne and other blemishes. Leaves your skin hydrated & refreshed.

Glass Facial

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Dermaplaning -a form of exfoliation using a professional blade which sloughs off dead skin cells and vellus hair allowing for better absorption and penetration of treatments, products, peels, and masks.

Oxygen dome therapy - end each facial under my relaxing oxygen dome which can be accompanied by any custom mixed mask or hydrojelly mask. Boosts hydration. glow. and energizes the skin giving any facial that extra "oomph".

Hand treatment -Ultra hydrating natural oils and revitalizing ingredients penetrate into the skin using thermal heated hand mitts. Followed with a luxurious hand massage.

15 minute Reiki session - my signature intuitive healing treatment can be added on to the end of any facial to balance the chakras and bring peace to mind body and soul. 

LED Light add on- Whether you’re trying to boost collagen, reduce inflammation, kill acne bacteria or reduce sun damage, this is a great add on to the end of every service. LED lights work at a cellular level to cause a “wound healing effect” on the skin. Leaves your skin glowing and vibrant.

Facial Add-ons

limited  time only

Deep Pore Facial - 1 hour - For those who want a good old fashion deep cleaning. I start the facial with a deep cleansing steam followed with an enzyme or mild peel appropriate to your skin. Using ultrasonic as well as manual extractions then high frequency to kill bacteria. Ending with a custom mixed mask or hydrojelly mask under LED lights and/or oxygen dome therapy. 

Deep Pore Facial

Back Facial - 1 and a half hours-Custom to client concerns, I treat the skin with a deep steam to soften pores aiding in extraction. Can include a variety of treatments, enzymes, peels, and masks. Intuitive back, neck and head massage al ways included. 

Back Facial

Lymphatic Drainage - Lymphatic Drainage- drains toxins and built up fluids in the lymph nodes. This add-on treatment depuffs and sculpts the face, giving a more youthful and vibrant appearance to the skin. 

Lymphatic Drainage

Chemical Peels - Offering a variety of mild to deep depth peels, we consult to decide which would be best to treat skin concerns and lifestyle. Best for clients looking to treat hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and more. 

Chemical Peels

Reiki Facial - 1 and 1/2 hours - Those who need to bring a little light and love to their skin. Completely customizable to you, I use a series of massage techniques. Crystal therapy. Guasha, and other intuitive healing modalities. You will leave physically glowing from the inside out. 

Reiki Facial

Golden Hour - the time of day right before the sun sets leaving a blanket of the perfect golden hue on our skin. The Golden Hour Facial is the perfect summer facial combining 24k gold therapy, stem cells, and active enzymes. Incorporating lymphatic drainage, facial cupping, massage, and mineral rich ingredients, clients leave the studio ultimately relaxed and glowing, their skin exfoliated and sculpted. Treat yourself and give your skin the love it needs from the harsh summer months, 

Golden Hour Facial


Silent appointments

Never hesitate to request a silent appointment. I love catching up with my clients but I understand if you need this time to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or simply having a bad day and need this time to decompress, your mental health is always my top priority - even if it's just for the hour you are with me. I want this to be a safe space for all. 

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